LPL spring competition is online next Monday, the factory director, Uzi is absent

LPL spring competition is “online” next Monday, the factory director, Uzi is absent
Today, the League of Legends (LOL) announced the schedule of the League of Legends Professional League (LPL) spring season: from March 9th to April 19th in the form of online matches.Weekly competitions will be held for 7 consecutive days, but in the 2nd to 5th week (March 9th-April 5th) every Tuesday, there will be 2 BO3 games, other games will be played 3 BO3game.In addition, the second and third games of each day will be played in a postponed manner.At present, due to the epidemic prevention and control measures, a few professional players have not returned to the club for training, and the remaining professional players have returned to the club base for isolation and training in mid-February.According to the sauna and Yewang, at present Jian Jian (ID: Uzi), “Director” Ming Kai (ID: Clearlove) and Zhang Xingran (ID: Zoom) have not yet returned to the club.Considering the fairness and stability of the game, LOL decided that players who did not return to the club this time will not participate in the next online game.As the head coach of the EDG club, Mingkai has been participating in daily training remotely, but after the official start of the game, he will not participate in the BP (selected hero) for the time being.At 14:00 on March 9, the LNG team will officially start the online game against the OMG team.There were also FPX and JDG teams, and ENG and TES teams.The following is a detailed schedule: Sauna, Ye Wang, editor of Liu Shujun, Wang Chunqiu proofreading Li Lijun